LiquidLight Android Live Wallpaper

LiquidLight Android Live Wallpaper

Update: LiquidLight is now available for download on Google Play. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


LiquidLight is a Live Wallpaper for Android that creates a dynamically changing water surface on the home screen of your phone or tablet using OpenGLES 2.0. The water surface features visually interesting lighting effects, such as reflection and refraction, and the application settings allow the appearance of the water to be modified to resemble a placid lake, a stormy ocean, or anything inbetween.

Several pre-built themes will be shipped with the wallpaper to add even more options for changing its appearance. These themes will change textures and lighting conditions as well as provide custom shaders to add even more interesting effects. There is scope to do other things with themes too: such as time of day based lighting or weather effects like rainfall or moving clouds. If the app is popular enough I may implement some of these ideas in the future.

LiquidLight live wallpaper settings

Various built in themes are provided


Check out the demo video to see it in action – the images don’t really convey the effect very well.

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  1. Great effect. How do you generate water surface? Are you calculating FFT like in the Tessendorf algorithm? I would like to create similar effect and I’m looking any information about it.

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